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Finally here we are: Welcome to HTSLAB!

We are excited to announce the opening of our new facility, HTS LAB!

With HTS LAB, we have laid the foundation for a future full of innovation and growth that will exceed all expectations:

– A new SMT assembly line that uses a reflow oven with vacuum technology.
– A highly specialized team of talent.
– A HUB entirely dedicated to the numerous R&D projects.

… and much more!

Imagine an environment where bold ideas come to life and become tangible realities. With this new facility, we are committed to cherish and nurture this vision, driven by our passion for innovation and our determination to overcome every challenge.

Join us in the excitement for this exciting new chapter!
Visit our LinkedIn profile and do not hesitate to contact us for possible collaboration opportunities. Together, we can make the difference

Enthusiasm and innovation, the key to unlimited growth!